Natty Boh Pint Glass

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Why is it that a can of beer contains 12 ounces, but a pint glass can hold 16 ounces? That means that you can fit 1 1/3 cans of Natty Boh into each pint glass, and that you'd have to drink three full pint glasses, in order to consume 4 cans of Boh. Do the math! (Its like, why do hot dogs come in packs of 8, while buns come in packs of 6,€“ who decides this stuff?!)

Anyway, while that doesn'™t make a lot of sense, one thing that DOES make sense is purchasing our awesome Natty Boh Pint Glass! Made from high quality glass and featuring the face of Mr. Boh, this amazing pint glass is sure to make you (and your 1 1/3 beer) the envy of your friends at your next social gathering!

Buy a whole set of four and keep them in your China cabinet for when you have your finest guests over!!


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